Power Generation

Hypro Filtration

Pure Process Filtration Inc. is proud to be the California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii Distributor for Hypro Filtration. Hypro Filtration offers solutions for removal of particulate, moisture, varnish, acid and gasses from oil reservoirs. Hypro’s equipment includes duplex high pressure housings, low pressure and high flow housings, portable filter carts, vacuum dehydration, soluble varnish removal and coalescing skids. Rental equipment is offered for cleaning and removing particulate, moisture and varnish contamination.

Hypro’s DFE Rated filter elements remove particles to targeted ISO Cleanliness Codes and element upgrades from Cellulose to Micro Glass media when higher efficiencies are required. Hypro has over 150,000 filter element upgrades available.

Hypro offers oil analysis to evaluate system contamination levels measuring particulate, water, varnish, acid and additive levels.

Air Intake Filtration

Pure Process Filtration Inc offers a complete line of solutions to treat incoming air.

Pure Process Filtration Inc offers complete retrofit services including air intakes, weather hoods, screens, expansion joints, ductwork, silencers, evaporative cooling, chillers, foggers, moisture eliminators, structural steel, noise attenuation and stacks.

Power Generation Gallery

  • Turbine Lube Oil
  • Jet Lube Oil
  • Soluble Varnish Removal
  • Vacuum Dehydration/Coalescing Moisture Removal
  • EHC/Phosphate Ester Control Fluids
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Diesel/Natural Gas Fuel Conditioning
  • Hepa/E12 Gas Turbine Intake Filtration
  • Retrofit Turbine filter housings, ductwork, silencers, enclosures and exhaust systems