High Purity/Industrial

Global Filter manufactures a full line of industrial bag and cartridge housings, high purity pleated depth and membrane filter cartridges to improve cleanliness and optimize your filtration process. Global filters are manufactured in a cleanroom with traceability to ensure our customers receive the product they expect in the high purity world. Global offers a wide variety of media options such as Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Polysulfone, PES, Polypropylene, Nylon 6,6 Charged Media, Microglass and Teflon medias.

Filter Presses & Pads

Pure Process Filtration offers a full line of filter presses and lenticular filter housings. Filter presses are available from laboratory to full scale production flow rates. 316 Stainless Steel or plastic filter presses are designed to accommodate cake accumulation and multiple step filtration in a single pass. Lenticular filter housings are designed for easy breakdown, offer a positive seal and are a closed system for reduction of product losses.

Hypro Filtration

Hypro Filtration offers equipment and filter elements to purify oil used in injection molding machines.  Hypro’s filtration equipment will reduce particle, water and varnish contamination which prevents premature oil changes, servo valve failures and extend oil life.

Compressor Elements

Pure Process Filtration, Inc offers OEM and equivalent compressed air housings and replacement elements for purification of oil and water or solids removal.  Elements are available to fit major housings for air intake, sewn end, spin-on and coalesce cartridges.

Industrial elements

Pure Process Filtration offers cost effective solutions for all of your general industrial filtration requirements.  Products are available in stringwound, metlblown, bag and pleated designs.  A wide range of materials are offered for chemical compatibility.

High Purity Gallery

  • Bio/Pharmaceutical Intermediates & Cell Culture
  • Endotoxin Removal
  • Cosmetic Compounding
  • Food & Beverage
  • Microelectronics/Chemicals
  • Water Treatment
  • Injection Molding