Koch Filter Corporation

Koch Filter Corporation manufactures high quality industrial and commercial air filtration products in the USA. Koch is supported by multiple manufacturing sites and offers a complete range of technical services.

Koch Filter Corporation understands regulatory compliance and safety procedures. Koch’s products meet all AQMD, OSHA, EPA, NESHAP and NFPA requirements. Pure Process Filtration Inc works with our customers to maintain overall compliance and certification guidelines for your coating process.

Global Finishing Solutions

Global Finishing Solutions offers a full line of new coating and finishing equipment to form a complete system. Global Finishing Solution’s finishing equipment can be integrated into existing systems to replace aging components and out of date technology. Global Finishing Solutions offers large equipment paint booths, open face paint booths, recirculating paint booths, water wash paint booths, powder coating booths, dust collection, ovens, washers, finishing systems, paint storage and mixing rooms, cleanrooms, heat recovery systems and air makeup units.

Pure Process Filtration, Inc has a full team available for environmental permitting requirements, fabrication for retrofits to existing systems or new installations.

Aerospace Gallery

  • Chromate Paint Booths
  • Paint Overspray
  • Dust Collection
  • Cleanrooms
  • CNC Machines
  • Environmental Permitting